Urik - City of Lions

“l am Hamanu, King of the World, King of the Mountains and the Plains, King of Urik,for whom the roaring winds and the mighty sun have decreed a destiny of heroism, and to whom the life-giving waters and nourishing soils have entrusted the mightiest city of Athas.”

—Hamanu, King of Urik

Hamanu boasts with good reason. Urik is a powerful city-state with teeming armies, enormous walls, bustling commerce, and wise sages, governed in an orderly framework established by the self-styled King of the World. Urik’s legions have never met defeat, and Hamanu has never run from battle. Any decision of importance made in the Tyr Region must consider the wishes of Urik’s sorcerer-king.

Urik is highly organized and militarized. A variety of laws contained in the lengthy document known as Hamanu’s Code govern commerce and taxes, specify holidays, set standards for construction and artistry, and dictate family arrangements such as weddings, care for elders, and funerals. Templars test Urikite children and assign them to the vocations for which they are most suited. The city aspires to be a meritocracy, but hidden webs of patronage and influence secure important posts and stations for people with the right connections.

Although Urik seems stable and well-ordered, it is every bit as oppressive as any other city-state—perhaps more so, thanks to the number and efficiency of Hamanu’s templars. In recent weeks, the fall of Kalak of Tyr has upset Hamanu’s delicate balance by proving that sorcerer-kings who rule for centuries might be mortal after all. Hamanu believes that he has nothing to fear from his subjects, but he knows that Urik’s fortunes depend on trade with other cities. If unrest spreads beyond Tyr, even Urik might suffer. Thus, Hamanu’s templars keep an eye on developments in the Free City and pay for information from spies in Tyr

Urik - City of Lions

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