Tyr - The Free City

“Is it true? Kalak dead? Slaves freed? Magic wild in the streets? Doubtful, but we’ll know soon enough.”

— Shahin, wandering hermit

As far as most Athasians are concerned, Tyr has always existed. Certainly it has endured through
the entire Desert Age, and even with the fall of its sorcerer-king, it seems likely to endure for centuries to come. And throughout all the long years of its existence, it was a city-state enslaved.

That has all changed.

In the courts of the other city-states, rumors of King Kalak’s overthrow are only whispered, but in Tyr, the repercussions howl through the streets. Many scheme to succeed Kalak, and the templars and other power groups vying for control struggle to keep the city-state from disintegrating into anarchy at the hands of people eager to enjoy their freedom. Nobles and merchants clamor for influence, and commoners and freed slaves openly celebrate, challenging civic authority and social boundaries at every turn.

Tyr - The Free City

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