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    [[The World of Atlas]]
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    h2. Allowed Classes Thief (Essentials) Assassin (Essentials) Knight (Essentials) Slayer (Essentials) Hunter (Essentials) Scout (Essentials) Arena Fighter (Dark Sun) Wild Battlemind (Dark Sun) Animist Shaman (Dark Sun) Shaman (PH2) …

  • PC Source Materials

    You may choose character options from Essentials, PHB2, PHB3, the Power books, and the Dark Sun Campaign Book. The Arena Fighter may only select powers and options from the books listed in the [[Character Creation Rules | Character Creation Rules]]. They …

  • House Rules

    Extended Critical Hits: No powers, feats, or any other effects can grant a critical hit on anything but a natural 20. Only certain terrain effects and weapon breakage may grant critical hits on anything but a natural 20. Forced Movement into Damaging …

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